about us

get to know us and our values

321 Auto Detailing started as a dream, like many other successful companies before us. We had been in the industry for three years at this point and decided to get the ball rolling on servicing Prescott on our own accord.

Despite TONS and TONS of failure and adversity, we pushed through and are here now. Thank GOD! We want our clients to know we are here for YOU.

I'd say our biggest separator between us and our competition is that we DO NOT take shortcuts. I, Kevin Wilson, the owner of 321 Auto Detailing, have lived by this rule for over ten years.

Shortcuts get you nowhere in this world. I stand by what I am telling you, I want you to be ECSTATIC when we're done working on your vehicle. 321 believes in hard work. We believe in communication. We believe that if you're not satisfied, then we are definitely not satisfied.

321's mission is to make sure that our clients are delightfully shocked. From booking to fulfillment, our goal is to make it as pleasant as possible for you. We've built specific processes so that you can come to expect consistent service and quality each time you call upon us. Our favorite part of the job is presenting the vehicles once we've finished. We strive for our customers to have that WOW factor when seeing it once it's done.